Kelisha Lopez-Shealey is a wife, mother, and former model turned swimwear designer who has now added author to her resume as she has turned her sights on cultivating fascinating words of modern-day poetry for women everywhere. She is an inspirational poet, and writing poetry is something that found her through a journey of her own personal growth.

Kelisha started journaling her thoughts as a way of motivating and speaking to herself, these journal entries are now words of empowerment for all to share. Her work has been praised through reviews from women of all walks of life that have found a connection to her words. Her blunt voice and contemporary content screams profound wisdom, power, and passion as she is a fresh new voice that has entered the world of encouraging books for women.

Inspired by all the parts of life good and bad, including her own life and the life experiences of all women. Kelisha is passionate about the energy, resilience, strength, struggles, charm, and joys that shapes who we all are. In writing she finds peace, its a spiritual and therapeutic process for her so it's never forced.